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Individual Customers
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Swan Lake Ballet
Adorable Little Girl
Baby Doll Dolman-sleeve Top
girl soccer player
to pass the ball / spot pass
Indianapolis Colts
Indianapolis Indiana
Sexy Girl
Hot Summer
Fantasy Cartoon Character
Zealous Girl
Pink Flowers Dream
Jeweled Pink Embroidery
The Graduate Girl
Graduation Ceremony
Green Spring Outing
Grassy and White Chiffon
fund manager / accounting supervisor
financial controller / financial reporter
Night Owl
Red Outfit
Career Women / Teacher
Dress in the Office
Springtime Tune
Butterfly V-neck Dress
clinical director / dentist / surgeon
physician / pediatrician
Dancer / Actress
office manager / service manager
general office clerk / staff assistant
Legally Blonde
Super Movie Star
sales representative / marketing consultant
computer operator / account manager
Fantasy Movie Character


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