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Design request from the customer:
* Hello. I host a weekly syndicated radio program and love the idea of having this done for my website. Do you have a background that would fit the "Radio DJ' look? Thanks!
* Oh very good. Thank you so much!

Design request from the customer:
* We are opening our home cleaning business named: The Senior Cleaner. It is a mother and daughter cleaning business. We like the design 803048 with the two ladies. Prefer a purple shirt with our logo or name on it and a pair of black pants. We are specializing only in cleaning for senior citizens so nothing sexy or too sexy. Maybe one of having a vacuum or duster in one of our hands and a bucket or pail with cleaning supplies in the other. Be creative for me. Another idea is I am in the suit with clip board and mom in the uniform and vacuum. I love all your work. If you can't use these two pictures let me know and I will find some more pictures. I am willing to pay and get three different ideas.

Design request from the customer:
* We are getting ready to launch my little girl a lip gloss line, and here is what we need, can the logo you have with the balloons and the women holding the garment, be changed to hearts & can the body be switched to look like a 4yr girl and not a grown woman? And Can you change what's in her hand to a solid red heart shaped sucker. Colors: Balloons Different Fruit Flavors,  Dress-Red Text? We have attached the pictures. The name of the website is LovieLipGloss.Com

Design request from the customer:
* Hi, I went to your website and looked around. You have so many cute choices. Maybe you can help with this info: My daughter is 11 and we need this caricature drawing to be used on a banner advertising our shaved ice business. So was thinking maybe the Hot Summertime #801004 with a single palm tree and have her holding a shaved ice cup. I've attached a picture. Or perhaps you could do her up like the attached picture in a hula skirt, etc. Let me know how much to pay you and I can get that right to you. Also, will this be in a format high enough for large printing? Thanks so much!

Design request from the customer:
* Hello, I have decided instead of me holding a cookie could it be a cookie mold like one on my website . Just wondering if that is possible . You can grab any image from my site it is www.mycookiemold.com . Let me know if that will be more. I don't need any text put on the border of the image as I will do that myself through Corel if it's possible to edit your file. Thank you!
* Oh My God I LOVE IT! Thank you so much you guys are absolutely awesome! Thank you so much ! I will definitely recommend your services.

Design request from the customer:
* I wanted it to have her holding a plate of cookies and brownies instead of the birthday cake, w/the logo (company name/website) added to the image. I have attached a few pictures to help with the design process. The first is a screen shot of my website. Which can help get a feel of the (company name layout) and also the colors and the feel of the site. The remaining pictures are of some of my creations that are for sale on my site, cookies, brownies, small specialty made cakes, and hand made clay creations.


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