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From our customer(s):


The following are the details for the group caricature:
The theme is The last supper as portrayed by Davinci.

1) Coach S is the main guy, dead centre of the pic with his hands out announcing his retirement during the last supper. Dressed in Team track suit. he is short so it would be funny to see his feet not reaching the ground from under the table.
2) K K to the left of coach S as seen by the viewer, dressed in a ttc transit uniform looking to the left and discussing the issue with.
3) M K who is dressed as per pic having his hand out as gesturing towards the coach. Beside M is.
4) S who has tatoos all over his forearm in roman numerals XXXII. I would like to exaggerate the tattoos to be all over his both arms and legs. Beside Serge is.
5) Kh who we call skunk, since he has black hair, give him a white stripe down the middle drinking grey goose. Beside him is
6) H who is rapidly losing his hair, have him drawn with his hair visibly falling from his forehead. beside him is.
7) J who will have an exaggerated smile as he is happy for the announcement. Beside J is.
8) R who will be half dressed in a business suit and the bottom half in soccer uniform. Beside him is.
9) S, the manager who you can make him lobster red cause he's always sunburned with files in his hand, Next to him is.
10) R D who will be entering through the door as he is always late even for supper. There could be a clock on top showing the time of 8:10.
11) To the right of Coach S is R K who is pointing one finger as to say one minute while the other hand is being used for talking on a cell phone. to R k's right will be.
12) H k.
13) B will be wearing amontreal Canadians hockey uniform as he si from Mtl. Next to him will be.
14) C M will be sitting down as he is excited to have dinner, he will be rubbing his hands together. Next to Chris will be.
15) S S who will be wearing a mock sweater with his shoulder in a sling as it always gets separated. Next to him will be.
16) J K in a tuxedo as he recently got married.
17) H our goalie who will be wearing soccer gloves and with his arm flailing as not to accept or believe that the coach is retiring.
Other details:
Place a lot of trophies on the floor as the team has amassed great number of hardware over the years.
On the dinner table a lot of kebab (souvlaki) with rice, salad and beer and wine and in front of the coach hot chili sauce.
On the walls of the dining room pictures of the teams logo and text.
The back wall could have an arch or opening with the view of the Armenian mountains (Ararat and Massis).



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