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From our customer(s):

* We would like to use a caricature animation of the Global Technology and Operations management team for our internal website to inject some humor. We have 8 people that make up the team, but we would like to make the animations specific to the people if possible? For eg. We would like the Global head of operations poking his head out of an airplane as he is constantly traveling. Could you tell us if this would be possible? Many Thanks!

* Ok with the costing, but could you give us a clearer indication to the timeframe? A ‘long time’ is a very loose term and this would determine our decision. Is a long time a month? A couple of week? Please confirm. Many Thanks!

* G – with his head hanging out of a plane; Corinne – With too much luggage; R – holding PC cables; H – jumping up and down on a computer; E - waving an Indian flag; J – Stood ontop of map of Asia; A – with a calculator; V – waving on the great wall; M – small with no shoes on ( he always walks bare feet in the office)

* These are fabulous thank you! Just a couple of adjustments if that’s ok? We have already paid for that, so I wonder if we could have an additional picture of all the managers just stood together instead? As in a team meeting or something? Also – V has requested to change her background, is there any way that we could just have her holding a book called ‘Russell Policy’ instead of the great wall in the background? The caricatures are perfect, and very flattering I think! Thanks

* Many thanks for your flexibility and help! Completely understand your concern for changes and won’t request any further. I look forward to seeing the other designs.

* These are great, thank you! Just wondered if there is any chance of having GTO written on the wall or something in the background of the group picture? Everything else is perfect!

* Yes, we are happy with all of these animations. Please proceed and complete the order. I look forward to receiving the formatted attachments for our website.



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