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Design request from the customer:
* Hello, I’m interested in getting an animated caricature of myself. My initial thoughts are it would be of me throwing a fistful of cash from one hand (possibly underhand or in some “friendly” way) with a stack of diamonds in the other. I buy diamonds. Most of my customers recognize me in a buttoned shirt. I’ve attached a photo that includes my wife. If you need a photo of just me, please let me know. Thank you!

Design request from the customer:
* Cool! I am so excited. Initially to start off. I would like to submit a request for a animated Cartoon Caricature using the attached photos. What I would like in the final result is: The animation to be of me holding a mobile device (prefer IPhone) as in Cartoon 2 image. The images of Cartoon 3 and Cartoon 4 are to give you more information for my features. One thing may not be so clear in the images are my eyelashes also (long) which I would also like in the details. As you can see I am most African American (mixed) so I would like my light brown/caramel skin tone to be included ;-). For the animation, I would like if possible if I could be doing something technical with my mobile device such as voice to text, navigation of some sort, any other ideas are welcome.

Design request from the customer:
* I just need the new face on the other two logos that you did before (for the business card with the company name with starts in a circle) and the banner for the website. Also, how do I get the images from you? Are you going to email them to me so I can use them, or do I download them from your site? I am VERY HAPPY WITH BOTH IMAGES!!! I can't thank you enough.

* Also I saw on your site that you can make the carton animated. How much would that cost. We are setting up our website next week, and just wondering what kind of ideas you may have. I saw you can make the character wave his hand. What kind of animated characters have you done for other small business websites? Please email me or let me know how I can download the updated images for the website and business card. The new character will look great on the logos that you designed last time! We are going to use the cicle logo for business cards and maybe tee-shirts. The banner is for the new website.

Design request from the customer:
* Hi, Can you make a customized cartoon animation logo for me for my new Blog? I like to have something similar to the design you have of the pizza baker spinning a pizza dough on his finger. I would like to say something like this around the banner Jim's Photo Business Chit-Chat Blog! I am looking for my head on a body of a photographer holding a professional level camera and a professional level long lens. Here is an example photo of the camera and lens. I also did a mockup of how you can split up the words to make them fit in the ring with a bigger head. I know the new camera will be much higher on the right side so if you have to split the words chat and blog you can. Just make it look nice with the new lens.


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