Construction Caricature
Construction Caricature

This is about Construction Caricature designs such as construction worker, tool bag, the builder, work clothes, building engineer, structural engineer construction engineering, construction project consulting, construction crew, developer construction work, painter, landscape architect, architect, plotting, drafting, construct... For your Construction caricature faces, our artist will draw it from your photo.

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Worker Caricature

Worker Caricature
Wearing overalls, holding a wrench, a safety helmet, a drawing and a tool bag on waist.

Carpenter Caricature

Carpenter Caricature
A carpenter stands next to a woodworking table with several planks on it.

Construction Worker Caricature

Construction Worker
A worker wears a yellow safety helmet with a tool belt around the waist and a variety of tools on it.

Architect Caricature

Architect Caricature
An architect wears a yellow safety helmet with a screwdriver and water pipe pliers hanging from the waist.

Plumber Caricature

Plumber Caricature
A plumber carrys a wooden toolbox with hammers, screwdrivers in it.

Construction Builder Caricatures

Construction Builder
A builder with a toolbox in his right hand and a cell phone is in his left hand.

Building Engineer Caricature

Building Engineer
A female construction engineer sits next to the building drawings with rulers and helmets on the floor

Construction Structural Engineer Caricature

Structural Engineer
A structural engineer wears a dark blue suit, a white helmet and a roll of drawings in his right hand.

Construction Crew Caricature

Construction Crew
A female architect wears a purple coat and a blue skirt and holds an engineering drawing.

Painter Caricature

Painter Caricature
A male painter wears a white overalls and holds a bucket of green paint and a paint brush.

Construction Painter Caricature

Construction Painter
A male painter wears a white protective coat and has a paint spray gun in his hand.

Construction Maintenance Worker Caricature

Maintenance Worker
A maintenance worker in a green plaid shirt with a hammer in his hand.

Carrier Caricature

A carrier wearing a yellow safety helmet, riding on a yellow dumper.

Construction Mechanic Caricature

Construction Mechanic
A mechanic has a rechargeable drill in his left hand, and a hexagonal nut on right.

Construction Repairman Caricature

Construction Repairman
A repairman is driving a red pickup running very fast on the road.

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