Business Caricatures
Business Caricatures

These are about office and business outfits and scenes for your caricature designs. For your Business Cartoon Caricature face, our artist will draw it from your photo. We have wide variety of the business cartoon designs, such as British style gentleman, career women, teacher, office hours, sales representative, marketing consultant, computer operator, account manager, business manager, director, chief executive officer, general manager, general office clerk, staff assistant, administrator, supervisor, office clerk, employee, office worker, office staff, collections officer, certified public accountant, bank administrator, stockbroker, financial consultant, rainbow youth, embellished blouse, business woman, business trip, convivial party, kind gentleman, travel agent, ticket agent, commercial traveler, computer expert, computer killer and more...

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Manager Caricature

Manager Caricature
Busy office scenes piles of paper calls ring

Office Worker Caricature

Office Worker Caricature
In office looking at the report while answering the phone

Office Manager Caricatures

Office Manager
Sitting on the desk with a pen in hand

Office Worker Caricature

Office Worker
Sitting at the desk and reading the report form

Busy Office Worker Caricatures

Busy Office Worker
Standing in the office and a typewriter on the desk

Office Business Lady Caricatures

Office Lady
Standing in the office and a copy machine on the desk

Business Staff Member Caricature

Staff Member
Sitting in front of computers and holding a phone

Service Manager Caricatures

Service Manager
Sitting in front of a computer and holding a coffee cup

Businessman Caricatures

Businessman Caricature
Wearing a black suit and Standing with hands up.

Businessman Caricature

Wearing a gray suit with hands in his pocket.

Business Manager Caricatures

Business Manager
In a gray suit with both hands crossed in front of her chest.

Business Administrator Caricature

Administrator Caricature
In a dark grey suit with hands in his pockets.

Lecturer Caricatures

Khaki suit black leather shoes green striped tie.

Happy Employee Caricature

Employee Caricature
Two feet jump up in the air and arms open up.

Career Man Caricatures

Career Man Caricature
A dark blue shirt, blue striped tie, both hands on hip.

Career Woman Caricature

Career Woman
A blue dress, a hand on the waist, a hand holding books.

Accountant Caricatures

Accountant Caricature
Hands around the chest and a hand holding a calculator.

Business Career Woman Caricature

Business Woman Caricature
Black suit sets and one hand fork.

Financial Staff Caricatures

Financial Staff
A dark blue suit with a calculator in one hand.

Agency Caricatures

Agency Caricature
Leaning against a giant hot air balloon.

Chief Executive Officer Caricature

Chief Executive Officer
Dark brown suit, standing up and smiling.

Assistant Caricatures

Staff Assistant
A blue blouse, a dark blue skirt, holding a pile of paper.

Budgeter Fund Manager Caricature

Budgeter Fund Manager
Stand up and smile. One hand points to the results report.

Sales Representative Caricatures

Sales Representative
Sitting in front of a laptop, wearing a headset.

Business Supervisor Caricature

Office Supervisor
Sitting on a desk in the office.

Marketing Consultant Caricatures

Marketing Consultant
Sitting at the desk and answering the phone.

Financial Consultant Caricatures

Financial Consultant
Stand up, smile, grab a bill.

Business Collections Officer Caricatures

Collections Officer
A purple coat, dark trousers, one hand on the waist.

Insurance Actuary Caricature

Insurance Actuary
Black suit, standing up, smiling.

Sales Executive Caricatures

Sales Executive
Blue shirt, black dress, one hand around the waist.

Business Seller Representative Caricatures

Seller Representative
Standing and holding a blackboard in both hands.

Business Purchasing Agent Caricature

Purchasing Agent
A girl standing, smiling, pushing the car.

Salesman Caricatures

A male standing, smiling, introducing promotions.

Sales Executive Caricatures

Sales Executive
A female standing, smiling, introducing promotions.

Merchant Caricature

Merchant Caricature
One hand holding bills, one hand holding some diamonds.

Trader Caricatures

One hand holds a piggy saving pot.

Computer Expert Caricature

Computer Expert
Standing on a computer keyboard jumping excitedly.

Business Investigator Caricature

standing, smiling with a magnifying glass in one hand.

Business Trip Caricatures

Business Trip
Pulling a suitcase for a flight.

Commercial Traveler Caricatures

Commercial Traveler
Pulling the suitcase and making a phone call.

Product Manager Caricatures

Product Manager
Standing with two hands on a new laptop.

Auto Dealer Caricature

Auto Dealer
Standing in front of a new silver-gray sports car.

Bank Teller Caricatures

Bank Teller
Standing and holding purses and a check book in hand.

Auditor Caricatures

Sitting at a typewriter typing.

Marketing Consultant Caricature

Marketing Consultant
Wearing a charcoal gray suit, a red tie, hands on hips.

Business Office Lady Caricatures

Office Lady
A lady wearing a black skirt with hands on her chest.

Ticket Agent Caricature

Ticket Agent
Sitting in a plane, waving with one hand.

Computer Outsider Caricature

Computer Outsider
Standing by the computer, holding disconnected wires.

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