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Poster Signing Board

"The entire family of five should be riding in their red Scout vehicle with their dog Duke. Mom and Dad in front... Dad driving, older sister and two brothers should be in the back seat. The youngest one Mac should somehow look like he is doing a flip in the air. Have the family driving on the NJstate parkway, and the empire state bld in the back ground..."

Car Wrapping Advertising

The Queen Of Clean Ltd

"I'd like yellow cleaning gloves, a feather dusterin my hand, a crown on my head and anything else that can be added to suggest Queen..."

Family Portrait

"Theses are our pics that you've drawn, and we display that in our living room and all our friends and family is very impressed the way you drawn our pics. Thanks!"

Social Network

"Thanks both cartoons have been used in Facebook, JUS LOOK IT thanks you!!!"

Event Celebration


"It is a team line up we are after. With a few people holding the odd object or two or maybe a logo. Its a NASA group. Its rather a late idea and we have a meeting in Montreal starting 4 Nov. Thanks..."

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