Police Offcer Caricature
Police Military Caricature

Police and Military Caricatures are about police and military outfit and scene designs for your caricatures. The drawing templates contain: Policeman, Policewoman, West Sheriff, Male Soldier, Female Soldier, Sailor, Marine Corps, Canadian Sea Cadet and Fireman... For your police & military cartoon caricature faces, our artist will draw it from your photos.

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Policeman Caricature

Policeman Caricature
Wearing Superman clothes, stand in front of a police car.

Policewoman Caricature

Female wearing a police uniform and a police cap.

Police Sergeant Caricature

Police Sergeant
Wearing a police uniform and holding a baton.

Female Police Officer Caricature

Female Police Officer
Wearing a police uniform and holding handcuffs.

Cop Caricature

Cop Caricature
Stand, smile, put one hand on the holster.

West Sheriff Caricature

West Sheriff
Sheriff West taking a pistol to prepare to fire.

Soldier Caricature

Soldier Caricature
In a camouflage uniform for American troops and boots.

Female Soldier Military Caricature

Female Soldier
Standing, smiling, dressed in US army camouflage.

Military Warrior Caricature

Military Warrior
Hands crossed over chest, dressed in camouflage.

Military Medic Caricature

Military Medic
Female soldier leaning against the medicine boxes.

U.S. Marines Caricature

U.S. Marines
Bulletproof vest, helmet, long-range rifle in hands.

Marine Corps Caricature

Marine Corps
Marine Corps standing in uniform.

Military US Army Caricature

US Army
In the wild jungle marching, a gun hanging on shoulder.

Military Scout Caricature

Military Scout
A scout stays in a squat position and observe around.

Special Police Caricature

Special Police
A special policeman aims at shooting with a pistol.

Navy Sailor Caricature

Navy Sailor
A Navy sailor carrying a swimming ring and a paddle.

Coast Guard Caricature

Canadian Coast Guard
A male in a coastal defence uniform on a patrol boat.

Canadian Sea Cadet Caricature

Canadian Sea Cadet
A female coast guard standing on a patrol boat.

Fireman Caricature

Fireman Caricature
A firemen holding water guns to extinguish the fire.

Military Caricature

Military Caricature
A female soldier sitting on a plane throwing dollars.

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