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Add a detailed description or a story about your design can make it more meaningful such as detailed tiny things or personal experiences


We can draw anything such as group caricatures, logo, animal, car, illustrations...

Custom Retirement Caricature

Individual - Templated

Holidays · Birthday · Retirement · Sports...

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Couple Caricatures

Couple - Templated

Anniversary · Wedding · Proposal · Vacation...

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Group Caricatures

Group - Templated

Organization · Family · Team · Friends...

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Group · Couple · Individual · Animal · Car · Logo · Illustration Art...

Custom Caricature

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Couple Caricature

Couple Caricature »

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Meet Caricature Artist Team


Nick Forrest

In 2005, Nick, Kimberly and three other entrepreneurs founded Osoq.com. Nick has more than 30 years of experience in portrait painting and graphic design.

Ilyssa Gabor

Ilyssa graduated from Texas Tech University in 2007. She joined Osoq after working as an intern at Community College for 6 months.

Kimberly Kerns

Kimberly joined the Osoq design team after graduating from University of Houston in 2005 as a professional painter and has been a design director.

Monisha Pahuja

Monisha Pahuja joined Osoq after graduating from multimedia major in 2008, and has been engaged in graphic design and computer animation production.

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