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Law Firm Story Design

Our story starts in 2007 when my husband's company downsized him due to the economic crisis. I told him this was a chance to go to school and get a degree and join me practicing law. He refused because in high school his counselor said college wasn't for him. He eventually gave in to my nagging and enrolled in community college. He did well enough to get into Loyola Chicago and graduated well enough go to Iowa Law. Cost of law school was the biggest challenge. He won a full tuition scholarship which made attending Iowa Law possible. He just graduated in May 2018 and in August we retuned home to Houston to start a business together.

Keyla / Texas, U.S

Writing Point: What is your Long-term Effort to start your business?

Cartoon Story Design

We have been married for 28 years. The diagnosis of dementia hit us both hard, but it's important for me to let her know we are in this together. I'd like a drawing of us heading into an unknown darkness. I'll hung it on our living room wall as a constant reminder we're in this together forever!

Ron / Colorado, U.S

Writing Point: What's the Toughest Challenge in your experience?

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