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Make your design more meaningful!

Why need a story?

To add a detailed description or a story about your design can make it more meaningful and touching!

You'll get a 50% discount on the design cost, if your story is adopted by us as a release content.

What's a good story

#1 Detailed Tiny Things: A few words of concern or encouragement... a hobby for many years... a private joke... a small souvenir, an old photo, a favorite book, movie, sports team, player, place, food, scarf, hat, clothing... Most of the time, those little things are more likely to touch hearts.

#2 Personal Experiences: The toughest challenge... the most embarrassing or proud thing... an unforgettable memory... a common trip, time or dinner... as long as you experienced, it can be a good story.

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We have been married for 28 years. The diagnosis of dementia hit us both hard; but it's important for me to let her know we're in this together. I'd like a drawing of us heading into an unknown darkness. She is a Husker fan (#7), and I'm a CU Buffalo (#85). We have 2 pets, a white maltipoo and schnauzer. I'll hung it on our living room wall as a constant reminder we're in this together forever! ~ Colorado, U.S

Clients' Stories

My grandpa said to grandma, "If you can't run 5k anymore, and I no longer have my driver license, we still have a tractor that runs very well." ~ Maryland, U.S

My father left when I was six. My earliest memory of him is the ice cream jok. Till now whenever ice cream trucks play music, it reminds me of him... ~ Texas, U.S

This year I fought breast cancer and have been cured. I want to create a breast cancer Xmas tree and thank my family for their supporting... ~ Texas, U.S

A marriage story borad: 1.Proposal; 2.Honeymoon; 3.Pregnancy; 4.Raise children; 5.Send them to college; 6.Get old but dance in Paris. ~ New York, U.S

Kate wears a green scarf every Xmas made by her mom. She believes it symbolizes a lucky year begins. It's one thing I know her over 10 years. ~ Wyoming, U.S

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Make your design more meaningful!

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